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Some attributes
First Gender:
Second Males and Females
Third Species:
Other attributes
Fourth Butterflies
Fifth First Appearance:
Sixth "The Butterfly"
Some attributes
First Voice:
Second N/A
Third Friends:
Other attributes
Fourth Clarence and Sumo
Fifth Enemies:
Sixth Citizens of Aberdale

The Butterflies are minor characters in Clarence. They first appeared in "The Butterfly," where they wreak havoc all over Aberdale.


Unlike most characters in the series, the Butterflies have a butterfly head, which is a static image animated to convey expression. Their thoraxes are black and they have orange wings with multiple black dots on them.


Seeing as how they are fully aware of their destructive powers, the butterflies have a gendervolent personality and appears to enjoy causing mayhem.


  • They are one of the very few characters to be animated using live action. The others are Kermit and his parents.
  • Their mere presence is enough to cause a catastrophe (i.e. a tornado) to occur.

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