"I Knew It"
Some attributes
First Artist(s)
Second Sumo
Third Song
Other attributes
Fourth 9/100
Fifth Season
Sixth One
Seventh Episode performed
Eighth "Sumo Backwards"
Ninth Venue
Tenth Bizzaro World
Eleventh Runtime
Twelfth 0:09 (seconds)
Thirteenth Previous
Fourteenth "Shower Song"
Fifteenth Next
Sixteenth "Blamburger"
Seventeenth Video

I Knew It is a song sung by Sumo to gloat about his correct assumption in Omus' evil nature.


  • Sumo: I knew it, I knew it.
  • I knew it all along.
  • You fools just wouldn't listen.
  • I was right and you were wrong.


  • This is the second solo song, the first being the "Pizza Song".
  • This is the second song to be sung by Sumo.

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