Man of the House is the 13th episode of Clarence.


Clarence, Jeff and Sumo look after the house while Chad and Mary are gone.


At 7:00 AM, Clarence wakes up and sings Mornin'. Then, Mary and Chad are going to see Madness Maximus. As they leave, Clarence calls Jeff and Sumo. Sumo and Jeff are here to babysit Clarence. Later, Sumo, Clarence and Jeff eat Floppy Disk Cookies and drink soda. When they burp, Clarence has a orange spot on his foremouth. Jeff slaps him and the Sugar Rush Song plays. Later, at the Madness Maximus game, Chad forgot the license. Back at the Wendell's House, Sumo and Clarence yawn. But when Clarence yawns too long, his mouth breaks. Sumo checks that Clarence is alright. Chad comes home, and uses the bathroom. Jeff gasps about the trap. Jeff goes in the bathroom and gets bird dookie all over himself. Then, Jeff turns flat. His heart sings the sugar lone. In the garbage, Sumo gasps about the other trap. Sumo falls far into the garbage can. Chad goes up the stairs. Clarence made a trap in the stairs and he saved Chad's life. Clarence spoke to Chad that 100% of stair accidents happen on the stairs. Clarence went up the stairs and went in his room and it was on fire. Clarence burnt himself into a thanksgiving turkey. The whole house burnt. Chad was safer sitting on the couch and the license was found. Outside the house, the firemen put out the fire with a hose. Mary saw Clarence as a turkey and hugs him. Mary's hug turned Clarence into a human again. Later, Madness Maximus came to say "Hi" to Clarence. Later, Jeff and Sumo were sent to the hospital. Mary goes in the house and yells Clarence's name. Clarence and Madness Maximus escape in his monster truck.


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  • This is Chad's first major role.


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