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Gender: Female
Species: Yellow haircut
Friends/Enemies/Relatives: Clarence (former friend, enemy)
First Appearance: "Hairence"
Voice: Selena Gomez

The Perm is an supporting character in Clarence. She made Clarence a perm so he can be like a girl. The Perm is voiced by Selena Gomez.


She took over Clarence's short hair to become like a girl. Clarence thinks the Perm is a glorpner. The Perm says "glorpner" is not a word. The Perm says Clarence is the dorbnug. Clarence says "dorbnug" is not a word too. Perm says Clarence is the butt. Clarence yells to the perm "I AM NOT FALLING FOR THE ACT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!". The Perm gets mad. The Perm attacks Clarence. As Clarence fights the Perm, they walk back to the bridge. When walks to the side of the bridge with the Perm. Jeff and Sumo said to get the perm out of Clarence. The Perm doesn't think so. She made a power move that's called Birdarang Barrage. Jeff and Sumo jump and they hang on to the pole without falling into the sea. Jeff and Sumo made a power move that's called Ultimate Jeff and Sumo Power Move. Jeff is the gladiator and Sumo is the triceratops. As they run, they got the Perm out of Clarence. As the Perm falls off, Jeff and Sumo get to position. The Perm is walking and while she's walking, Jeff and Sumo jump on screen. The Perm screams and fights Jeff and Sumo. Before The Perm could attack Jeff and Sumo, they slice her into half and the Perm explodes. Clarence says Jeff and Sumo saved his life from the Perm. Her funeral is in the ocean.


Season 1Edit


  • For the Perm's voice, Selena Gomez speaks in a British accent.[1]


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